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Origami: The Latest Addition to Fueled’s Designer Toolkit

Details: This software carries just a few defining features that make it a powerful and handy tool. In a world where files can be synced and sent every day, it’s a no brainer that you’d rather be sending a 2.8MB Origami file than a 2.8GB After Effects project. This also makes it exponentially quicker to launch it into users’ mobile devices.

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A Breakdown of Commonly Used Tech Terms Fueled

Details: Software or programs that have publicly accessible code are considered “open source,” because you can openly look at the source codes. Apache, for example, is an open source program, and individuals can copy, study, use, and/or change the code to use as they please. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a way to transfer files from your

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Fueled Agile App Development

Details: The result was the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, which outlined a set of principles used to build an app that actually gives users what they want. What Agile Development Is. The emergence of agile development followed a period in the 1990s when teams were striving to create lightweight software development methods.

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Favorite Tools at Fueled

Details: All accounts are automatically private so there is no accidental sharing of sensitive files or information. Pipedrive is a huge help to our sales team and is a different take on CRM software. The pipeline view is broken down by sales process and events can simply be moved around with the drag and drop tool. But never fear, the timeline view

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Why Are Mobile Apps Made Primarily For iOS

Details: Hacking the firmware of the device to get unlimited access to the file system is a popular form of entertainment for Android users. Root-rights not only allow you to bypass system barriers but also adversely affect the operation of a smartphone or tablet. Whether your application will launch correctly on such devices is a big question.

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How to Choose the Best Colors for App Design in Sketch

Details: Again, if we apply the reverse display color profile transformation, we will get exactly the color specified in the Sketch file (in practice, if we use system eye-dropper or Digital Color Meter app to check the color, there may be a minute difference in hex values due to floating point calculation errors).

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How to Make an E-Commerce Site in A Day Fueled

Details: For retailers with under 10,000 SKUs, Shopify is the best platform to use. For smaller shops, the platform is very affordable, with a Starter Plan at just $14 a month. Shopify is also a hosting solution, which means you won’t have to deal with installing software, setting up a host, and handling performance issues.

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The Top 10 Best Prank Apps To Fool Your Friends

Details: Article in Mobile App Development, Humor categories. The Top 10 Best Prank Apps. Your pranks need to catch up with the times. As always, your phone is …

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Patents: Constraints on Innovation Fueled

Details: As each company creates new devices and develops new technologies, it files countless patents and faces charges of patent infringement. Patents impose challenges on innovation and the growth of smaller tech companies, but they constrain innovators to go a step farther, to make the extra efforts to distinguish their products and exceed consumer

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Why ReactJS Should Be Every Startup's Pick in 2019 Fueled

Details: ReactJS development environment unimaginably facilitates third-party resource communication like collection of data, processing of queries or even storing the media files within the CDN. Thus, it is to be meticulously noted that ReactJS can become an efficient proxy server in case of absence of a professional proxy set up. SEO Friendly

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